Works in progress

Yesterday I worked a little more on one of my WIPs. It is a story about a reluctant time traveler. It spans a good one hundred years and the temporal eventualities get rather complicated, so that I have to sit down and think them through from time to time. Trying to keep the family histories in line and who knew whom when is also not that simple.
I think genre-wise this would qualify somewhere between general fiction and science fiction. It is not supposed to be a romance like ‘The time travelers wife’. It might also fall under YA, because the main character is rather young.

Another WIP I have right now is a first person present tense story about a peasant girl, turned lady. It falls into fantasy and young adult.
It could be fantasy, because it is basically the hero’s journey told from a female perspective in the middle ages. It also has a nice dose of intrigue and scheming. It could fall under YA because the main character is sixteen and has to deal with some growing up issues.

My dystopian novel/trilogy is still in various editing stages. I have given up on calling it a YA novel, because the age of the protagonists is slightly out of the YA range and certain things that weren’t a problem when I called the first book of the trilogy just my book turned into problems when I called it YA. For now I guess it is a dystopian novel within general adult fiction. I don’t know if anyone wants to buy it, but I do know that most people who did read it did like it, or better said, they liked all three of the books.
I might also call it marginally science fiction, because of some emphasis on technology. However, I don’t think I explain the what and the how of that technology enough to warrant a strong science fiction connection.

Then there is still the story of the horse race with some comedy, gender bending and a huge twist at the end. I wrote this one as a western, but I am thinking of overhauling it to include some otherworld and space travel elements into it. I want to give it a ‘Firefly’ feel. So that would probably qualify as steam punk somewhere between general fiction and science fiction. It might also fall under comedy.

Sometimes I wish there wouldn’t be any genre pigeon holes and I could just call whatever manuscript I just wrote my book and leave it at that.


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6 Responses to Works in progress

  1. Are you familiar with the New Adult category? It sounds like your dystopian trilogy might fit into it.

  2. A good story well told is a good read. Let others put it genre if they wish.

    • I wish I could. But if you want to sell it, you need to target certain people who only agree to look at certain genres. And if it doesn’t fit, it will sit. Meaning: It will not get bought and supported and put out into the world.

  3. ChelseaIRL says:

    amen to abandoning genre classifications! I have my WIP that, if i do it right, is a love story masquerading as a thriller. and I think it just falls under general adult fiction… I think. then a fantasy/ slightly sci-fi trilogy I’m planning/outlining/creating. then I’ll probably write another fantasy that may brush up against sci-fi from time to time physiologically. and then I’ll probably, hesitantly, write a vampire story heavy in physiology and politics/sociology. where do you put these things? oh yeah, and at some point I’ll finish what I guess is an urban fantasy, with a woman who hangs out with God from time to time. and perhaps i’ll finish the.. well it takes place inside a fantasy video game in the future. i have no idea where to put that. I can’t find the common thread amongst them. I’m just gonna write it all and hope for the best. maybe I’ll find an agent with a gift for genrefying.

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