The news cycle

Right now a huge mass of extremist muslims are marching for change and fighting their government in the streets of Bangladesh. Most of the non-extremist population looks on in horror and hides.
Do most Americans know about this yet? Most likely not. It is not a news story that really involves American lives. It is on the other side of the world and it has not yet reached the level of violence that makes it interesting.
If you look at the German news, like TheTagesschau, or at the BBC, they were reporting the march yesterday, before it got violent.
I am guessing that you will hear about Bangladesh again as soon as the death toll rises.
It was the case with the factory collapse.
I hope that there will be some in depth reporting about these events in the news. I hope that some experts will analyze the many different strings of political realities and make some sense out of it. I don’t know if someone will.
For now I rely on first person accounts on twitter, facebook and tumblr to follow along. They are more immediate and multifaceted than the next news cycle anyway.

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