Crowd sourcing

Many times I have seen creative people on twitter, tumblr and youtube asking for ideas. They need them whether they are writing their blogs, doing their VEDA projects, or promote their works of art.
Inevitably someone will ask: “What should I do next?”
The range of artists doing this is rather impressive. It goes from the little youtuber with fifty subscribers to well known public figures with millions of followers.
Sooner or later all of them want to know from their fans: “What topic should I talk about?” or “What should I name this new thing I have?” or “Who has an idea to connect this and that aspect of my work?”.
Now I don’t have anything against crowd sourcing. Thousands of brains surely come up with more ideas than just one. And asking people what they want and like is a much better way to gauge your audience than to blindly fire shots in the dark.
I even like to respond to those questions. It’s a nice challenge for my brain; a stimulus for the old noodle. And if my suggestion is used and properly credited, I am even a little bit proud.
However, there is a limit to this kind of thing.
I get annoyed with people who send out crowd sourcing requests time after time. People who need a new topic to talk about, then need a title for the new post, then want to know what they should name their new puppy and then hold a contest on who should get the honor to pick them up from the airport.
I understand that immensely popular artist can do that for months and years and get away with it.
However, to me they just appear lame. It seems they are either too lazy or not smart enough to come up with ideas of their own. Call me crazy, but I still think that artists are supposed to form an original thought every once in a while.
And if someone uses crowd sourcing for everything from “Hey, what should I have for breakfast?” to “How should I name this song?” to even “Should I visit my sick mom or go on vacation?”, it doesn’t look like they are very capable in that regard.
So, please do me a favor, use crowd sourcing with caution. It is a great tool and fun when applied in small doses. It bores everyone and makes you look like a dunce when you use it all the time.
Also, don’t worry about the topic of my next blog on Wednesday. I am perfectly capable to come up with it all by myself.


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