Phoenix Comic Con

Here are my experiences of the last two days. Your mileage may vary.

Take car to park and ride in Tempe.
Take light rail.
Stand in light rail, because so many people.
Look at costumes of people in light rail. Get a button from nice lady.
Arrive at convention center.
Follow the masses.
Oh look they have tricked out cars outside.
Take pics of Jurassic Park Jeep and Back to the Future DeLorian.
Go inside.
Ask where registration is.
Stand in line for registration.
Get registered by friendly staff.
Grab a program, or two or three.
Don’t look into it, because EXPO HALL!
Spend hours in said expo hall.
Talk with vendors.
Buy stuff.
Take pics of and with people in costumes.
Admire all the work that went into costumes.
Eat Pizza.
Watch kids do a book related activity.
Oh my goodness, look at that Lego city!
Oh my goodness, look at the medieval knights fighting!
Hello book lady, I want to buy your book.
Eat salad and pity overworked food stand staff.
Sign kids up for Artemis for next day, cause Artemis is cool.
Go to art room. Make art.
Go to gaming room.
Have son play RoboCob just to see him react like the kids in BttF 2. He got bored.
Go to Babylon 5 panel.
Panel is awesome! Only downside: Kids now know all the swear words.
Leave con.
Go back on light rail with tons of other people.
Drive home.
Look at all the swag.
Fall into bed.

Get up and drive back to light rail.
Light rail not that full, but still lots of nice costumes.
Go down to Expo Hall.
Get all the swag you can still rationalize.
Among that some really cool dragon earrings, hell yes!
Take another load of pictures.
Go to Artemis and actually get to play it for an hour.
Artemis is cool!
Go eat barbecue outside right next to a guy who looks like Jack Sparrow.
Watch a Little Pony costume show.
Take part in an Avenger training session.
Go to art room. Make art.
Go to lady into igloo like fabric tent, which is small and dark and which she call an observatories.
Hear about stars systems in the star trek universe.
Get out of said tent to hear and see fire alarm.
Exit the building in a calm and orderly fashion.
Watch all the other people doing the same and marvel at the enormity of the crowd.
Get on packed light rail.
Go home.
Look at all the pics and all the swag and the happy kids.
Warn kids not to wake you the next morning.
Fall into bed.
Sleep in.

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