Video games and me

I was never a gamer.
When I grew up I had very limited access to computers and technology, so my first video game experience happened when I was in my twenties. It was a game sponsored by a bank, where you had to work for fish, then follow some people around and master weird levels to get to a vat of money at the end. The graphics were horrible. The interactions were mostly stupid and I was bored right away.
I also never saw the appeal of first person shooter games. You are supposed to stare on a screen that is too dark to see a damn thing most of the time anyways and you’re supposed to shoot anything that moves. Yeah, not my thing. I believe in communication before annihilation. Also most games afford a level of time commitment that is beyond my capacity. Or said in another way: “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”
So I stayed away from games for a very long time. I was a full blown nerd, but my methods of consumption of nerdy content was limited to watching TV series and movies and reading books.
Then my kids came along. Both my son and my daughter like computer games and are rooted in today’s pop culture. Granted, they do not get to play first person shooter games, or games that are rated above their age level. We do not want to have nightmare central here and aside from that most of the horrid creatures, like zombies are majorly boring. Talk about a one-dimensional character with a one track mind.
But, the kids do play on the computer, or on the DS, or on the Wii. And guess what? They want to play these games with me.
So I ended up helping them with detective quests and Rockband levels on their DS games. I played LEGO Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean with them on the Wii. And I know enough about Minecraft and Spore to explain it to other moms. I also loved the movie “Wreck it Ralph” and recognized about 80% of the gaming figures. My kids slowly, but surely sucked me into the gaming world.
And last weekend at ComicCon I played with them and some 20-something guys a whole hour of Artemis. And we all had so much fan that I am thinking of (gasp!) buying a video game. For the first time in my life I want to (double gasp!) play a multiplayer video game which could take several hours.
You know why?
The graphics have gotten a whole lot better in the last twenty years.
The game is basically do it yourself star trek and I have been a trekkie since I was a little kid.
The game relies a lot on cooperation among players.
My kids and I will spend positive time together.
It’s fun!

So yeah, miracles do happen and I might turn into some sort of a gamer after all.


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