I knew it was coming

I have read all the Ice and Fire books that are out so far. I watched the pilot of Game of Thrones and decided that this is one of the stories that I can read but not watch.
Now I hear about where the TV show is by seeing tweets as well as posts on tumblr made by the army of fans of that show.
I have made several observations:
A whole lot of people who watch the show never read the books.
Those people who did read the books and who watch the show keep pointing out differences between the two. So I guess it is fair to say that the show follows the books only loosely.
It shows for example when I marvel that certain characters are still alive in season three that clearly died in book two.
Many of the fans who haven’t read the books invest too much into characters that are doomed.
Let’s face it, George R.R. Martin kills off and/or maims pretty much every main character in this epic.
When I see people commenting on how cute a certain character looks, I feel the urge to say: “Just you wait.” When I see how people comment on the near invincible strengths of another character, I feel like saying: “It won’t be enough for what’s coming.”
The twitter uproar over the last episode was almost amusing to me, because I read the book so long ago, that the events seemed like ancient history to me and I consider them now just as the beginning of dark things to come.
Of course I have my favorite characters as well in the series. Tyrion and Aria are pretty much top of my list.
Of course I also have my theories on how the whole story will end. One of them was neatly destroyed by GRRM in the last paragraph of DwD.
So I am also clueless as to the conclusion of the saga. However, I am far enough ahead to tell you, that you might not want to watch the show, because you are deeply attached to one certain character. Most of them won’t make it to the end. And if they do, they might look rather different than they do now.
Watch it for the intricate story telling and the multitude of strong characters. It might save you some heartbreak.

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One Response to I knew it was coming

  1. Sam says:

    Even though I knew it was coming it was still a massive gut punch. I thought though that it was handled really well. The changes of how the story unfolds in the show are in my opinion not nearly as notable of the similarities. I understand your reaction to the fans outcries over this and even share it to some extend but for me I think it stems from something a little different that I’m only really beginning to realise.

    I really have very little patience with casual viewers. Does this mean to say I look down on those who have not seen every episode of a certain show or emulate my encyclopaedic knowledge of the cannon? No, of course not. Maybe its part of being a nerd but when I find out about something I want to know EVERYTHING about it., I don’t look down on people who haven’t seen all of there is to see of a certain series but I get frustrated when their lack of engagement causes them hardship following an ongoing story. (So, Nathan Petrelli, he’s the one that freezes things right?) Its like, what enjoyment do you get from this if you’re so uninterested?.

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