What you can learn from your cat

I find is fascinating how we ignore basic needs from time to time for entertainment purposes or just as part of our routines.

We don’t eat when we’re hungry, we eat when the schedule allows.
We don’t sleep when we’re tired. Goodness, we might miss something.
We don’t give/receive affections, because, who has time for that?

Well, I think it is a good idea to go back to basics sometimes and relearn things that are good for us. And I also think that cats can be very helpful in teaching us how.

For example: When a cat is tired, it sleeps. All the distractions in the world don’t mean a thing, when that cat needs a nap. That laser pointer or that mouse toy will only get a glance of utter contempt, should it come near the cat again.

The same goes for food. If a cat is hungry, it will eat. It will not look at it’s belly and contemplate a diet. It will eat, because it is hungry. And if it is hungry again twenty minutes later, it will eat again. Also, if it smells something it is interested in, it will let the world know that it wants it. There is no false modesty there, just a healthy appetite.

Now when it comes to exercise, cats do it and keep it interesting. They walk for miles in their territories. They climb trees. They hunt and they run from danger. They’re on the move a lot, but on their own terms. And the most important part? They stretch. They stretch a lot. They stretch before and after moving. They stretch whenever they feel like it and they feel like it a lot.

Another thing cats are really good at is grooming. They will clean themselves for hours, if they feel like it. It is rather impressive to see them put so much focus on themselves. They work methodically and are in no hurry to be done.

Lastly, cats go through life with an acute sense of cuddle importance. Usually when a cat checks something or someone out, there are three things it ascertains: Is it a threat? Is it food? Can it cuddle? Usually a No to the first two things leads to a Yes to the last one. And if a cat wants to cuddle something, it will. Just as much as if a cat wants to sit on something, it will.

Cats love their fluffy selves and see no reason why anybody else shouldn’t.

So, look at your cat, (or someone else’s) and remember to follow their lifestyle a little.

Sleep when you’re tired.
Eat when you’re hungry.
Exercise when you want to and how you want to.
Take care of yourself without shame.
Get your cuddles in.
And pick your favorite spot and bask in it, no matter the haters.

Let me know how you do, following that cat lifestyle.


About scratchingcat

Writer, mother, friend.
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