Despicable Me 2 – A review

I really loved Despicable Me.

So I took my daughter and went to the movies to see Despicable Me 2. I came with high expectations and mostly they were met. However, there were two problems I had with the movie that left a little bit of a sour aftertaste. Therefore I think the movie is not much better than okay.

Let’s start with reviewing the good.
Gru is a family man now. He is a loving dad to his three girls, Agnes, Edith and Margo. The kids still have their quirky personalities and the minions are funny as ever.

The minions are really the best part of the franchise and because the film makers realized that, we get to see much more of them this time around than last time. I think that was a good decision. I love me some minions.

Gru is called to help some spy organization to help find a villain and get rid of him. He gets reeled in and has to partner up with Kristen Wiig’s character Lucy Wilde. Lucy looks like a hip working girl version of Merida, complete with red hair and freckles and a snort laugh attitude.

Margo experiences her first romantic entanglements with the son of one of the suspected bad guys and Gru does the enraged dad routine. However nothing much comes of this. Nevertheless the point is made that the kids are growing up.

Doctor Nefario is sometimes there and sometimes not. When he is there he is rather fun.

Now to the two things I didn’t like.

The story is not holding up anywhere. There is no mounted tension. There is no huge drama or conflict. The villain never tempts, because the characters are set and the evil force is too good at heart to do any real damage. Also, some characters that have vested interests in the proceedings all the way to the end are just dropped without another mention somewhere in the middle.

This doesn’t really bother me that much, because both my kid and I were entertained by all the witty dialog and the fun antics.

The other problem was, that there is one scene in particular where I stopped being entertained altogether and wondered about the state of our current culture. I might be a tad sensitive, but the laughter froze on my face. I don’t want to give away too much, but no person deserves to be treated that way, no matter how vapid they are.

So I think that the first movie was much better and that the best course of action now would be to keep making shorts with minions. Gru has run out of interesting stories to tell.


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One Response to Despicable Me 2 – A review

  1. CMrok93 says:

    It wasn’t a chore to sit through, but when it was over, I didn’t think much of it when it was off the screen and I was in my car driving home. Nice review.

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