VidCon 2013 summary of my experiences

VidCon 2013 happened. I took part in it and had a blast. Many other people did as well. Everybody had many different experiences and it was entirely possible to be at the event for the whole time and not meet a single time.

As I was a volunteer, I also had some behind the scene looks that I really liked. I started working on Tuesday with bag stuffing. It was a daunting task to fill 12,000 bags with swag, but the instant camaraderie among the volunteers made it a fun accomplishment. It didn’t hurt either that John and Hank showed up to help for a little while.

On Wednesday, I helped with the bags some more and then I was stapling little ribbons to pieces of paper. I did that not once, not twice, but about 2000 times. I am a master stapler now. We were four people, we had great music, we got it done.

Wednesday night was the first Lobby night. Many of my friends arrived and we talked and took pictures. Not surprisingly, we stayed there until the early hours of the morning.

Thursday, I basically relaxed and greeted more arriving friends throughout the day. For people with an industry pass, this was the first day of the con. They went from panel to panel and dutifully tweeted the highlights from the sessions. I could not afford an industry ticket and enjoyed the day.

That night The Ordinary Tour made their stop in the Hilton and I loved the concert/variety show. It warmed my heart to see so many people I know on stage, entertaining thousands of fans and seeing their smiles when they heard their own songs being sung back at them. The evening of The Ordinary Tour felt like VidCon from two years ago to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

On Friday, the community pass VidCon experience started. I was one of the people with little signs in hand to lead the masses to the main stage. I had four hours of sleep, I had a sign to wave and I had fun at eight in the morning. It is amazing how many smiles, high fives and cheers people will give you just for standing there. It is also amazing how many people will walk up to you to ask you where something is, while you are holding a sign, pointing them to that exact same thing. Well, it was early.
I saw the opening address by John and Hank. That was all I saw from the panels that day. I explored the Expo hall with a friend. I ate lunch. I went on my shift.

My Friday shift was in the VidConQuest booth. Wherein I talked non-stop until I was done, with one hour of sign waving in between. I was amazed that I did not lose my voice that day.

After that shift, I was free to go to the concert. And that was again the best! Highlights were Hank contemplating life, while he was doing his set and of course the Gregory Brothers doing Double Rainbow. Anybody who was at the first two VidCons will always and forever insist that Double Rainbow will be played. It is magic. It is getting more than a little nostalgic by now, but that is okay.

After that, it was Lobby time again. By now the Lobby sounded like a beehive, because so many people were there. It was fun.

Saturday started slowly for me, because I needed to catch up on sleep. I also needed to make sure that I was not overwhelmed by people. After lunch I went to my shift as a runner. I had a blast with the other volunteers, who turned out to be well versed in musical and theater. I also now know how roadies must feel like.

At night I went to a party, then to the concert. Highlights of the concert were Driftless Pony Club and, of course George Watzky. Now let me tell you, at one point he stage dives. Usually he does that from the middle of the stage. This time he dived off the side. Guess where I was? At the side. So I was in the press of people who lifted George Watzky back to the stage. I did not expect that. I survived it!
After that, it was dance party and lobby time again.

Sunday was Disney day. I made it into Disney at about two pm. I was in the group picture and I went on a few rides. I went back to the hotel at about eight pm. I was exhausted.

This was my VidCon experience. It was mostly positive. Other people had very different experiences. Some of them were rather negative. I will talk about those in a separate post later this week.

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