The social in social media

I keep hearing from people who do not get the social in social media.

Statements like: “I do not need to advertise every little tidbit of my life”, or “This is only for self-absorbed folks”, tell me that the person in question does not understand twitter or facebook or tumblr.

Social media are used by many to advertise and get the word out and yes, there are some self-absorbed people on it, but I bet the majority of people just want to be connected.

Most people I know are the type who are on social media because they are genuinely interest in the lives of their friends who live too far away to visit.

People who use twitter nowadays used to be the people who first got phones in their houses when those became available.

They are the people who used to write letters and kept writing letters and waited by the mailbox for responses.

They are the ones who remember birthdays and details and the lyrics to the song that everybody sang that summer.

People who use social media want to communicate. They want to take part in the world. And sometimes they are able to help others who are thousands of miles away to make it through the night.

I do not see anything self-absorbed in this.

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