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River of Mnemosyne Challenge. Second Muse: The Forensics of Spume

One of the double doors of the Inn swung open wide, just as Tarwen and Rowan set foot on the front porch. A man, clad in a leather apron and sporting a bear of a beard and an apple red … Continue reading

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On writing – A review

Recently I read Stephen King’s ‘On writing’. I would recommend it to everyone; not only to people who try to get words on paper or screen. Why would I do that? Because this book is more like a friendly conversation than … Continue reading

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On reading

I have been in a book club for a few months now and I find the experience very beneficial. So far of the books we read, I really liked two, I really disliked two and I mostly liked another. One … Continue reading

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Going nuclear

The continued outpouring of radiation from the Fukushima power plant makes me very nervous. Radiation has been pouring into the ocean for two years now and continues to do so. The first wave of radiation will float all the way … Continue reading

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Where art thou?

I am looking at my site stats and seeing three zero days in a row. I am rather baffled by this, because I have gotten over 10 likes in those three days. Does this mean that people just liked the … Continue reading

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The wonder of science

Warning: Nerdy post ahead. Sometimes I look at science discoveries and marvel at just how cool the whole thing is. I don’t even necessarily understand every aspect of the thing presented, but I am in awe. For example, we now … Continue reading

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Expiration date?

When do cultural references run out of their expiration date? When are things or people just so far away from the general knowledge base that using them in conversations does nothing else than showing how truly old the person talking … Continue reading

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