My works in Progress

This is a list of the books I have written so far. It tells you about the major plot points and the stage of completion for each of them.

To Love and to Honor

A pirate romp on sailing ships. Written from two perspectives. POV 1 is Red, the fiery pirate captain. POV 2 is Oliver, the uptight naval officer. The story is filled with many navy battles, sword fights, incarceration, a hanging, some magical elements, and undying love. All the cliches you want are in it. It will probably never see the light of day.

The Dallas Herald Horse Race

It is a Western. Yes, seriously. It involves the titular race and is written from the perspective of a rich Louisiana horse breeder, who finds that things are not necessarily what they seem. This one has a very colorful cast of characters, some steamy encounters, both with locomotives and ladies, and a nice twist at the end. It exists now in a very crude draft form. However, I still like it and I might revamp it with some sci fi elements a la ‘Firefly’.

Patrotia (Books 1,2, and 3)

This is the dystopian trilogy that I have been working on for the last three years. The main characters are a (former) homeless girl and a (former) political prisoner who are put on a TV reality show after the girl rescues the guy. The nation of Patrotia is ruled by a corrupt conglomerate that is rather fascist in nature under a candy crust of petty entertainment.

I have recently learned that this trilogy does not fit with YA, because my characters are a little too old. Julie, the main character and focus of the third person limited narrative is 19 years old. David, the man she rescues is 25. They might fit with the New Adult age range. Also, the main characters are not so much coming of age, as they are dealing with living in an increasingly restrictive society. The main question of book one is: “When is it time to stop being silent and start to speak up?”

Book one, called ‘Patrotia’, is completed. It still needs some minor edits that can be done rather quickly. I am getting serious about shopping it around. It clocks in right now at 80,465 words. It can stand alone, but of course Julie and David’s story continues in book two and three.

Book two is written and has seen some edits, but it is not nearly as polished as book one. One sign of me not being absolutely done with it, is that I keep changing the title. I first called it  ‘Critical Mass’, then ‘Words and Deeds’. Both of those make sense, but are rather clunky. Book two has a little more action than book one and because the characters and the settings are already established, it is also somewhat shorter. Right now it stands at 67,207 words. This book can also stand alone.

Book three is in raw draft form. It has a completed story and it is secure in its characters and major plot points. However, it is as of yet not as concise and coherent as I like it to be. Right now it is called ‘Tomorrow’ and stands at 73,212 words.

That is it for the finished drafts.

I am currently working on a time travel story, called  ‘The Wanderer’ that is set in the 1980’s, the 1920’s and the 2000’s (2005 or 2006). The female main character is a teenager in the 1980’s. The time traveler she meets is from the 1920s and in desperate need to find his brother. So far I am about 50 pages into it and have some major plot twists ahead.

The other story I am working on is a fantasy story told in the POV of a simple girl who gets trained to be a lady spy at a royal court. It is rather fun to write and has amassed 48 pages already. I posted the beginnings of it on this blog.

Both of these stories are far, far from being finished.


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