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Sometimes I forget good things

I’m having music on right now. Music almost always elevates my spirits, wakes me up and turns me into a nicer human being. It can also distract me, but that is a small price to pay for easy access to … Continue reading

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To the conference I go

Saturday it rained in sheets. Thick fog filled every space of air that wasn’t covered in rain. Who had to drive through this soup? I had to. Who had to be up at 7 am on a Saturday? Who didn’t … Continue reading

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Der Dia Abend – The slide show evening

As much as all the photo sharing and instagramming and album creating nowadays can get on your nerves, it has some positive side-effects. One of them is, that it has virtually erased the need for a certain social event that … Continue reading

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All I can offer is friendship and stories

Do you have friends who are renaissance men and women? Friends who can work wonders with a sewing machine while cooking a six course dinner from scratch with ease? Friends who knit, crochet, build tree houses and go water rafting, … Continue reading

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What day is it?

With the holiday and the inauguration I totally forgot that it is also a Monday. Sorry about that. In rather exciting news, I have just registered for my first writing conference. It is with local authors I rather like. I … Continue reading

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Traveling and the mind

Last night at a dinner with friends we got to the topic of traveling. All three of us have traveled and we could all share stories from our experiences. One friend then lamented that she could not travel nearly as … Continue reading

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Zero – A review

Reading books by Tom Leveen has been a favorite pastime for me in recent weeks. He has two of them out. One is called ‘Party’, the other is called ‘Zero’. This review is about the latter. Zero is the nickname … Continue reading

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